Sanctuary of Menelaos and the Beautiful Helen

Feel the energy!
There are some places you want to go back to again and again. They are places that attract you even if you do not know exactly why.

One such place is the archeological site of the Sanctuary of the mythical king of Sparta Menelaus and his wife Beautiful Helen, also known as Menelaia or Menelaion. Menelaion is located on the east bank of the river Evrotas, in the area that in ancient times was called Therapni.

Drive your car up to the small church of Zoodochos Pigi after the village of Afyssou and from there continue on foot up to the top of the hill to find the impressive ancient sanctuary with the pyramidal shape, surrounded by olive groves and wildflowers. If you climb to the top of the ancient sanctuary, you will feel like you are on a throne, having unrestricted view to the valley of Sparta and the imposing Taygetos. The feelings of awe and serenity that will flood you (especially if you are there at sunset) and the mystical energy of the place is an experience that you will always remember.