Climb to the top of Taygetos - An unforgettable life experience!
Exceed your limits and conquer the highest peak of the Peloponnese!A hiking route of pure magic, which starts from Magganiari springs, continues to the mountain hut and from there ascends to the belt of Plakes, then to the saddle Portes and ends to the top, where the half-ruined stone huts and the small church of Profitis Elias are situated.

At an altitude of 2,404 meters, all the majesty of Taygetos unfolds in front of you and the view is truly captivating!! Looking north, you can see the whole ridge of Taygetos. The view to the south reaches up to Cape Tainaro, while in the background you can see Kythira and if the horizon is clear you might be able to admire the White Mountains of Crete !! To your east is Sparta and the whole valley of Evrotas, while to your west is the Messinian bay. This beautiful setting becomes even more impressive at sunrise as the sun rises and the huge shadow of the top of Taygetos to the west forms a triangle that covers the waters of the Messinian bay offering a unique spectacle: the famous "pyramid effect".