The Archaeological Museum of Mystras

The Archaeological Museum of Mystras is housed in the two-storey building at the west wing of the north courtyard of the Metropolis (Agios Demetrios).
It was founded in 1952 and since then its collections have been considerably enriched. It contains collections of Byzantine sculpture, jewellery, pottery, coins, fragments of wall paintings, portable post-Byzantine icons, and pieces of fabric.

The most important exhibits of the museum are:

Fragments of fabric and a hair plait. They were found inside a grave at the North Portico of the church of Aghia Sophia at Mystras and most likely belonged to a Byzantine princess.

A marble plaque, depicting the Ascension of Alexander the Great. It is one of the slabs used in the paving of the floor of the church of Perivleptos, dated to the 14th century A.D.

Two sections of the epistyle of the iconostasis from the church of Pantanassa. The one is decorated with floral motif showing western influence, while the other represents in high relief an eagle holding a gospel, a symbolization of John the Evangelist.

A marble Proskynetarion (devotional-icon frame). It bears a relief and incised representation of Christ seated on a throne. It was found in Perivleptos and is typical example of the local workshops, dated to the 15th century A.D.

Parapets and epistyles of an iconostasis. The parapets bear the monograms of the Katakouzenos family, who were the Despots of Mystras during 1348-1384. The epistyle of the iconostasis bears the monogram and coat of arms of Zabea de Lusignan, the wife of Despot Manuel Katakouzenos.

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