The mansions of Laskaris & Frangopoulos

The Laskaris mansion is an imposing rectangular building that has been identified with the home of the famous Byzantine family.
The Frangopoulos mansion has a similar layout to Laskaris and is identified with the Frangopoulos family because of the initial letter ‘F’ found in tiles among its walls.

The first one is an elegant two-storey building with a large balcony and several decorative elements of grace and elegance. The ground floor is vaulted, small in size and probably served as a stable while the entrance is located on the north side of the building.

Another clue which supports that the second mansion belonged to Frangopoulos family is that Ioannis Frangopoulos was the founder of the adjacent Pantanassa Monastery. The mansion dates back to the beginning of the 15th century. On the cornice of the balcony there are overlapping stone arches that give elegance to the mansion, while in the vaulted basement there is a cistern used for collecting water.