Georgitsi, also known as the "balcony of Taygetos" is located at an altitude of 970 meters and has a wonderful panoramic view that stretches from the mountains of Arcadia to the Laconian bay.
Above the last houses of the village, there is a beautiful dense forest with chestnut trees. Walking inside the forest, especially at the beginning of winter when the trees are loaded with round, thorny chestnuts, is a very beautiful experience.

In addition to the chestnut trees, the fir trees and the plane trees, Georgitsi is full of stone fountains, with the most important being the spring of Paraschi, where a small waterfall is formed. Two attractions that deserve your attention are the Byzantine church of Profitis Ilias and the magnificent stone built school of 1933. The beautiful square with the ancient plane tree will offer you rest and peace as you enjoy your food or coffee.

Tsipouro Festival is organized every autumn, at the entrance of the village, in the location of Karvounorema under tall plane trees and attracts many visitors from Sparta and the surrounding villages, but also from Athens. For hiking enthusiasts, Georgitsi has interesting trails that lead to steep slopes, impressive forests and picturesque fountains. The Gorge of Kardari, is a wonderful route in lush vegetation, which starts from the center of the village, passes through the wonderful Paraskeika and reaches to Papa to Aloni.