Karyes (Arachova)

The beautiful Karyes, built at an altitude of 950 m, is a traditional village with a long history.
The location of Karyes is known since antiquity, with references to both its inhabitants and the sanctuary of Karyatida Artemis. The village is also associated with the Caryatids, the young girls of Karyes, who are depicted in the famous monument located in the Erechtheum of the Acropolis, as well as in the copy that exists on a hill at the entrance of Karyes.

A popular attraction of the village is the so-called plane trees of Menelaos, that are located inside the courtyard of the church of Koimisis tis Theotokou. The age of the trees cannot be determined exactly, but according to the traveler Pausanias, they were planted by King Menelaus of Sparta around 1100 BC., and for this reason they were named after him. Karyes is one lively mountain village of Laconia and provides visitors with a variety of hospitality services, beautiful traditional guesthouses and taverns around its picturesque square.

Karyes is an ideal base for activities and getaways in the mountain of Parnonas. Lovers of nature, mountaineering, cycling and hiking, have the opportunity to explore the paths and trails of the wider area and enjoy its unparalleled beauty. Around the village, there are 7 marked hiking trails, created through the maintenance and promotion of old paths. The European hiking path E4 also passes through Karyes. If you prefer to use your bike, there are also 4 fully marked mountain biking routes crossing the beautiful forests of Parnonas.