Kastori is a lively village, north Taygetos, full of stone built mansions, fountains, Byzantine churches and beautiful squares!
The spectacular gorge of the river Kastor,very close to the village will excite hiking enthusiasts.

The most significant sights of Kastori include the crystal clear springs of Agios Mamas- where trouts and salmons are farmed, the old watermills - a trademark of the village and the Marble Bridge- the arched bridge over the waters of Kastor river. The surrounding area is ideal for hiking, mountain biking, canyoning, motocross and other activities.

One of the most beautiful, and easy hiking trails is the one that starts just outside Kastori, and follows the flow of the river Kastor, which named the village. The trail is almost flat, stretching under age-old trees that almost hide the sky, crossing wooden bridges, passing next to the ruins of old watermills , always parallel to the gurgling waters, which will be your permanent soundtrack while you walk. If you want to discover more hiking trails, you can visit "Lousina", the active Association of Friends of Taygetos, which is based in the village’s main square, for more information.