Parori (Ai Giannis)

Very close to Mystras, where the foothills of Taygetos merge with the fertile valley of Sparta, we suggest you visit the villages of Parori and Ai Giannis.
It is an ideal place to visit in order to relax and enjoy your meal in traditional taverns, next to the running waters of springs and under the shade of tall plane trees.

In Parori, next to the beautiful square, where the cold waters of the springs of Keramos flow, starts a serpentine path that after just 15 minutes will lead you to the small chapel of Panagia Lagadiotissa, which dates from the 12th century and is built literally inside the rock. Legend has it that Constantine Paleologos attended devine service here, when he started his journey to Constantinople.

While entering the small gate of the chapel you will be overwhelmed by the energy of the place. From Lagadiotissa, the path continues to Panagia Zagouna and ends at the Monastery of Faneromeni which id built in a magnificent location at a distance of 2.5 km from the village of Anavryti.