The beautiful village of Trypi is amphitheatrically built at the entrance of Megali Lagada of Taygetos at an altitude of 640 m. in a green environment with running water and taverns well -known for their traditional cuisine.
Quench your thirst in the crystal clear waters of Vasiloneri and Karvasaras springs and if you are in the mood to explore the enchanting nature, descend to the springs of the river Knakion to enjoy the icy waters that spring through Taygetos.

Outside the village on the road to Kalamata, you can visit the cavern of Kaiadas, where according to tradition the ancient Spartans threw disabled or cachectic babies in order to ensure the eugenics of their tribe. A few kilometers after Trypi, at the 15th km of the road Sparta - Kalamata you will find the climbing park of Lagada. This is one of the few climbing fields in Greece where due to the altitude and the location of the field (gorge), it is possible to climb even on the hottest days of the summer.