The village of Vamvakou was built in the middle of the 15th century and is surrounded by beautiful forests of fir and black pine.
The majestic colors of nature during spring and autumn and the charm of the snowed landscape in winter are fascinating.

Walk around this beautiful village and discover its beauties. In the village square you will find the central church of Vamvakou, dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, to Agios Charalambos and to Agia Paraskevi. In its precinct you will admire the impressive bronze statue of bishop Theodore II. Above the square , there is a beautiful clock tower with endless views across Mount Parnon.

Nearby, you will find the cave monastery of Agia Kyriaki. A monastery "stuck" inside the rocks of the mountain, which impresses every visitor.

In order to know better the soul of Vamvakou, you really have to walk through nature. The variations in the landscape,even on a relatively short walk, make every step interesting and transform each trail you take into an unforgettable experience. Two trekking paths make up a 20.5 km network of adjacent trails. Τrails’ design, cleaning, maintenance and signage are in accordance with the international standards and guidelines, in order to meet the needs of various level walkers.

Dirt roads and paths among trees in a beautiful mountain scenery are expecting for your wheels. Mountain cycling in Vamvakou is a unique experience. There are 3 different cycling trails, which stretch to a length of 25.5 km and cross the western side of Parnon mountain, around the village of Vamvakou.