Xirokambi, lies on the eastern foothills of Taygetos, in the South of Sparta. It is a large village with many beautiful stone houses and a large square with taverns and cafes. Next to Xirokambi, lies the beautiful gorge of Anakolos.
It is one of the few gorges in Greece, that you can cross driving, but its unique natural landscape will definitely make you prefer hiking. The route through the gorge offers a unique experience, with its giant rocks creating strange formations, while its waters rushing like a torrent, forming small lakes and waterfalls.

The vibrant shades of trees, compose a beautiful setting, worth admiring and taking many photos. Inside the gorge there are paths leading to monasteries, churches and springs. Part of the international path E4 also crosses the gorge. In Xirokambi you can also admire the arched Hellenistic Bridge that was built around 150 BC. –The only one of its time that survives to this day and used to connect ancient Sparta with Kardamili through the ancient Roman road. The waters of the torrent Rasina flow rapidly below it, while the stone-built amphitheater next to it hosts theatrical performances and concerts during the summer.

You can choose Xirokambi as a base for your excursions in southern Taygetos. West of Xirokambi, at the edge of the gorge of Anakolos is nestled the abandoned medieval settlement of Koumousta, with beautiful, stone houses and stone cobbled streets surrounded by age-old plane trees and fountains with gargling water. The route to Koumousta is really fascinating, as this beautiful, stone village has an amazing view of the gorge and paths that connect it with the most beautiful parts of Taygetos.

Around Xirokambi, there are important religious monuments, with the most important being the historic Monastery of Zerbitsa. The monastery was founded in 1639 and is surrounded by a high precinct that resembles a fortress. In the Monastery of Zerbitsa you can admire the miraculous icon of Panagia Vrefokratousa, while in the small museum inside, the exhibition displays important relics, icons, wood carvings, works of silversmithing as well as holy relics of saints.

Other religious monuments in the area include the monastery of Panagia Katafygiotissa, built on a steep slope, near the village of Anogia, the monastery of Koumbari, near the village of Palaiopanagia and the monastery of Gola, built in an picturesque location near Goranoi, with an enchanting view of Taygetos and unique frescoes dating from 1632 depicting ancient Greek philosophers.