Cultural Summer

Cultural Summer is a successful series of events, which includes theatrical plays, concerts and dance shows and has been taking place since 1988, at the "Sainopouleio Amphitheatre" in a green grove near the suburb of Magoula.
After crossing the "Road of Poets", named after the eight busts of important ancient and modern Greek poets situated along its path, you arrive at the beautiful amphitheatre.

There you can see the majestic mountain of Taygetos and the Byzantine castle city of Mystras , creating a beautiful natural scenery in front of you. The competent artistic committee selects, curates and organizes the presence of famous theatrical troupes, actors, ensembles and singers such as the National Theater, the National Opera, the State Theater of Northern Greece and the Orchestra of Colors. Significant works of Greek and foreign drama, meet the music and orchestration of European and Greek composers, performed by leading artists. Cultural Summer is organized by the Sainopouleion Foundation, under the auspices of the Municipality of Sparta.

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