Mystras Fair

Mystras Fair takes place every year, from the 27th of August to the 2nd of September.
Merchants from all over Greece gather and sell their goods to the large flea market under the castle city of Mystras.
Mystras fair is not just a commercial event of significant economic activity. It has been a reference point for generations, a reference point for the commercial and cultural history of the area and has been a living tradition for over 400 years. The modern history of the trade fair begins in the early 1950s as an animal fair which is held in memory of St. John the Baptist. Today, the fair is a vast open-air bazaar, with beautiful amusement parks and a huge exhibition of products. In addition to your shopping, do not forget to taste the delicious bouzopoula (whole pork baked in the oven), the most popular dish of the Laconian summer.