The monuments of Triakosion Street

Northeast of the city, on Triakosion Street, you will find two important archaeological sites which are associated with the mid-Byzantine monuments of the acropolis of Sparta.
The first one is a cross-in-square inscribed with a dome church, which is based on architectural remains of Hellenistic and Roman times, and dates to the end of the 10th century A.D.

The second is a late Roman balneum (bath complex) of the 3rd to 4th century AD, with facilities for hot, warm and cold bath and many mosaic floors. It is situated close to the road that leads to the north of the acropolis. In Byzantine times (10th and early 11th century AD), part of the Roman balneum was converted into bathing room. These two monuments along with the remains of a Byzantine olive mill, found further north, form a monumental unit of mid-Byzantine Lacedaemonia.