Local Dishes

A trip to Sparta will not be complete if you do not taste the wonderful traditional dishes.
There are made with pure materials in the taverns and restaurants of the area, ask for some of them:

Bouzopoula, traditional piglet with crispy skin and sweet meat baked in the oven for many hours.

Bardouniotikos rooster, cooked in the pot with tomatoes, onions and white, hard cheese usually accompanied by pasta and mizithra.

Pitaroudes, delicious thin pies with leafs, stuffed with spinach, vegetables, onion leaves, lettuce and mint.

Kayanas, scrambled eggs made with tomato and cheese but with the addition of syglino or sausage.

Zucchini flowers, cooked in the pot with onion, garlic, tomato and mint leaves.

Tsigarolachana, aromatic wild greens fried with onion, oil, salt and pepper.

Tsaitia, fried small pies, stuffed with herbs and local cheese.