Local Treats

Taste the local treats:

Diples, the locals always prepare them at celebrations, engagements, weddings and christenings. Their main ingredient is a thin dough which is folded into various shapes (spirals, bows and flowers), fried in hot oil and finally poured with honey and flavored with cinnamon and chopped walnuts.

Orange pie, is a musky dessert that everyone loves! It is made with oranges, crust, eggs, sugar, olive oil, vanilla yogurt and whole slices of orange, which are lightly caramelized and sprinkled on the pie.

Samousades, is a traditional dessert similar to baklava originating from Byzantine times,. It is made with handmade crust, almonds, walnuts, sesame and spices and its is wrapped in a roll. After cooking, honey syrup is poured over it.

Orange cookies, in a place with such a large production of oranges, orange cookies and orange pie could not be missing from the list of local sweets. For the dough of the orange cookies, mix olive oil, sugar, orange juice, baking powder, flour, orange zest and vanilla.

Amygdalota, can be found in almost all pastry shops in Sparta. Made with sugar, vanilla, semolina, meringue and almonds, they are shaped into pear shape with a clove on top. After baking, they are dipped in flower water, and then coveres in powdered sugar.

Skaltsounia, which look like macaroons, are made with flour, olive oil, orange juice and sugar and are filled with walnuts, grated apples, raisins and cinnamon. After baking they are sprinkled with flower water and powdered sugar.