Museum of Modern Sparta

A member of the International Council of Museums (ICOM) and housed in a magnificent neoclassical building, the Museum of Modern Sparta is built with modern museological aesthetics and functionality.
The museum records, through exhibits such as traditional costumes and architectural drawings and documents, the cultural and social development of the new Sparta, from its foundation until the 21st century.

It was created in order to record everything related to the city and to inform every new generation of Spartans, how the Laconian capital was created and evolved with its ancient history, in a modern urban center of the Peloponnese.

The museum exhibition begins with references to the Filiki Eteria, the Revolution of 1821 and families of Mystras who were later among the first settlers of Sparta. It continues with Otto's Decree for the founding of the city in 1834 and proceeds by selectively presenting the most important stations from the urban, residential, social and cultural development of Sparta and with elements that will be added in the future.