The climbing field of Lagada in Taygetos is located at 15th km of the old national road from Sparta to Kalamata. It is one of the few climbing fields in Greece where due to its altitude and location (gorge), it is possible to climb even on the hottest days of the summer.
The intense relief of the rocks and the beauty of the landscape, make Lagada as one of the most popular climbing fields in Greece. The climbing field has more than 100 athletic routes that are developed in five fields: Aloni, Petsanes, Tourlitsa, Splithari and Stani. All climbers can train here, as there are training routes for beginners as well as for experienced athletes.
How to go there
Right after the village of Tripi you will find springs with running cool water on the left side of the road. From there you continue driving for another 3-4 km until you meet the sign for the climbing field of Lagada. You can park your car on the left side of the road, where there is a marked parking lot. From there, follow the marked path on the right of the road and in 5 minutes you are at the base of Aloni and Petsanes fields. Stani field is also located on the right side of the road, 300m after the large parking lot. To the left of the road 200 meters after the parking lot (towards Kalamata) are the fields Tourlitsa and Splithari. You will trace them after descending (either driving or on foot) on the small steep concrete road that descends into the gorge.
Where to stay
Next to the routes there is a small wooden hut that accommodates up to six people (bring your own sleeping bag). Alternatively, you can stay in hotels around Sparta or Mystras.

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