The majestic Taygetos with its impressive natural landscape is a real hiking paradise. The mountain is crossed by the European path E4 and the national path 32, while thanks to the works of Sparta’s mountaineering club and other local associations there are dozens of marked mountaineering and hiking trails for beginners and experienced hikers.
The Taygetos refuge is built in the location "Varvara" at an altitude of 1,550m, on the foot of the peak of Profitis Elias. The refuge provides heating (stove), kitchen, blankets and bunk beds and can accommodate up to 26 people. It has external toilets and is supplied with water from a water tank and the nearby spring. In order to lodge there, you need to make prior arrangement with the Mountaineering Club of Sparta.

Suggested routes:

Mystras - Taygeti - Monastery of Faneromeni

Taking the paved path north of Mystras at an altitude of 320 meters, we ascend to the small village of Taygeti which is located at an altitude of 700 meters. The route is 2.5 km long and lasts about an hour. At the entrance of Taygeti there is a beautiful spring from where another path leads to the Monastery of Zoodochos Pigi, to Sela on the slopes of Xerovouna, to Perganteika and two hours later ends at the Monastery of Faneromeni. From here, other paths are starting , among them the European E4, which continues to Anavryti. The settlement of Anavryti is connected with many more trails while the E4 continues from here to the mountain refuge of Taygetos.

Parori - Panagia Lagadiotissa - Panagia Zagouna - Monastery of Faneromeni

Above the village of Parori there is an impressive gorge that you can cross walking the old cobbled path. The route is very easy and offers stunning views to the Laconian valley. After 15 minutes of hiking, the path meets the cave monastery of Panagia Lagadiotissa and continues its course to the impressive slopes and wild ravines of the gorge (25 minutes). From here the path meanders on the slopes of Agios Elissaios, meets Panagia Zagouna, which nests in a large cave, and after 50 minutes it ends at the Monastery of Faneromeni.

Anavryti - Agios Ioannis

The settlement of Anavryti, an old craft center of the area, is connected with a number of hiking trails as well as with the European path E4. One of the most impressive and short hiking routes is the one that follows the cobbled path that leads to Agios Ioannis on the east side of Taygetos after just one hour . The route is 3.5 km long, passes through a gorge and has an altitude difference of 350 meters.

Magganiaris Spring - Taygetos Shelter - Profitis Elias Peak

The spring of Magganiaris is located at an altitude of 980 meters at the end of the asphalt road. From here starts the main trail to the top of Taygetos that crosses through the mountain’s forest. After three hours of hiking you reach the springs of Varvara, where you can get water, and then you approach the mountain refuge of Taygetos, which is located at an altitude of 1550 meters. Along the route, the path intersects twice with the forest road that connects the springs of Magganiaris with the Pentavlos. The European path E4 passes from the refuge and leads to Lakkomata and from there to the peak of Profitis Elias at 2.400 meters. The ascent from the springs of Magganiaris to the refuge has an altitude difference of 570 meters and lasts one and a half hours. From the refuge to the peak of Profitis Elias, it takes about two and a half hours. The total length of the route is 8.5 km. and is crossed in about 4.5 hours.

Koumousta – Monastery of Gola

From Koumousta, the medieval settlement built at an altitude of about 750 m. on the slopes of Taygetos, follow the beautiful hiking trail to the Monastery of Gola. The Monastery is one of the seven in Greece with depictions of ancient philosophers. Hiking time is about an hour and a half, while the total length of the trail is 3.5 km and has an altitude difference of 140 meters.

Kastori - Marmarogefyro

One of the most beautiful, and easy hiking trails is the one that starts just outside Kastori, and follows the flow of the river Kastor, which named the village. The trail is almost flat, stretching under age-old trees that almost hide the sky, crossing wooden bridges, passing next to the ruins of old watermills , always parallel to the gurgling waters, which will be your permanent soundtrack while you walk. After about forty minutes of hiking, the path ends at Marmarogefyro, the old, arched bridge of Kastor, located very close to the village.

The Gorge of Mills, Georgitsi - Kastori

For a more downhill and easy relaxing route you can start from Georgitsi towards Kastori. The trail passes under tufted plane trees, firs and chestnuts, next to spectacular waterfalls and abandoned watermills and between spectacular reddish rocks that create narrow passages. The route is 6.6 km long, is perfectly marked (in several places it has wooden stairs and "handrails") and takes about two hours to arrive in Kastori. The ideal time for hiking is at the end of spring and at the beginning of autumn. The path is closed from November to April mainly due to increased risk of erosion and water flooding.


In Parnonas, apart from the paths that have been marked around Tsintzina by the Mountaineering Club of Sparta, there are other routes around the villages of Vamvakou and Karyes, which have been marked by the local authorities. In Vamvakou, two hiking trails compose a network of 20.5 km, that are constructed and marked according to international standards. Caryatides Trails in Karyes consist of seven trails, of European standards, with a total length of 55 km, and are intersected by two major mountaineering routes, the European Trail E4 and the National Trail 33.

The refuge of Parnonas is located at an altitude of 1,420m. at "Arnomousga", and is two hours hiking away from the village of Vamvakou. The refuge does not have electricity, but has a fireplace, stove and gas for cooking, and there is a natural spring for water supply. The accommodation capacity of the refuge is of 34 people. In order to lodge there, you need to make prior arrangement with the Mountaineering Club of Sparta.

Suggested routes:

Vamvakou - Parnonas refuge - Megali Tourla

From Vamvakou, located at 960 meters on the slopes of Parnonas, starts the marked path which after 2 hours leads to the mountain refuge of Parnonas at an altitude of 1450 meters. From the refuge, crossing the forest road, you meet the marked route to the peak of Megali Tourla, the highest peak of Parnonas located at 1935 meters altitude. At the beginning, the route descends to a spring and a ravine and then ascends to the forest road that you will cross to the end. Here you will meet a path that goes through a narrow ravine that arrives at the plateau of Kampos and from there goes up to the peak in half an hour. The length of the route is 9.5 km and the ascent takes a total of 4 hours.

Tsintzina - Meganailias - Rachi Psari

This is the long crossing of the southern ridge of Parnonas. Starting from Tsintzina ,follow the route marked with the red triangle. After the asphalt road continue on to the path that leads to the chapel of Prophet Elias. From there ascend south to Meganailias, the second highest peak of south Parnonas, located at an altitude of 1780 meters. From Meganailias ascend northeastn to Rachi Psari, the highest peak on the south side of Parnon, at 1839 meters altitude. The length of the route is 10.6 km. and lasts a total of 4 hours.

Tsintzina - Monastery of Agioi Anargyroi

Starting from the village of Tsintzina which is located at an altitude of 1000 meters on the slopes of Mount Parnon you follow the ravine through the marked (with a blue triangle) trail. The circular route has a length of 4.5 km and lasts an hour and a half. On the way back follow the route with the blue square marking.

Karyes - The Shepherds' trail

This is a very beautiful and relaxing hiking trail of 7.4 km, with a total altitude difference of just 227 meters. Following the old paths between the stone terraces of the pastures, the Shepherds' trail crosses a hilly landscape covered with oaks and beautiful “gortsies” (wild pear trees that bloom white in spring) among the millions of colorful wildflowers that cover the old meadows. At the western end of the route you will find the Skafidia fountain with its crystal clear waters and the walnut trees that are loaded with delicious walnuts in autumn. From the fountain towards the western outskirts of the village, the Shepherd's trail follows the riverbed of Deiros along the plane trees and the dense vegetation. Just before the village it goes up on the hill and ends in the upper district of Karyes, where you have the opportunity to visit the monument of Caryatids and enjoy the wonderful view.

Vamvakou - Agia Kyriaki

The path to the Monastery of Agia Kyriaki starts a few kilometers outside the village of Vamvakou. The route is very beautiful and quite easy and you can drive your car to most of it. Hiking to the Monastery of Agia Kyriaki is 2 km long. At the end of the forest path you arrive to the main entrance of the monastery where the scenery is impressive. The stone built monastery "nests" in a small cave that is perfectly in line with nature.

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