Mountain Biking

Taygetos hides wonderful routes for mountain biking in forest paths or even on asphalt roads between its picturesque villages. You can use your bike in many of the hiking trails of the mountain and enjoy the natural landscape.
In Taygetos there is a marked mountain biking route, which starts from Taygeti and ends at Magganiaris Sping (via Lakkomata), on the road that runs along the mountain.


Parnonas has a big network of hiking trails, many of which can be used for mountain biking. Two of the largest include: the one that descends from the mountain refuge to the village of Vamvakou and the one that descends from Ai-Lias to the plateau of Parnonas and the Monastery of Malevi. Both trails are suitable for experienced cyclists.
Marked routes:
In Karyes there are 4 special routes for mountain biking. The routes have been used since 2012 by the Hellenic Cycling Federation for the holding of the Panhellenic Mountain Cycling Championship as well for UCI MTB international races. The routes are fully marked and cross through the forests of Parnonas. In the central square of the village there is a fully updated map of the four biking routes.

Around Vamvakou there are three more cycling routes that compose a network of 25.5 km crossing the western side of Parnonas through dirt roads, beautiful paths among the trees and imposing mountain landscapes. All the above make cycling in Vamvakou an unforgettable experience. The longest route is 12 km long, the next is 7.2 km, while the shortest is 6.3 km long.

In Tsintzina, there are two marked routes, with a starting and ending point. In the beginning, the two routes follow the same course, but after a while they separate. The longer one (which is more difficult) has a length of 48 km, while the smaller one is 38 km long. Both start from a dirt road, they ascent from 1,040m to 1,357m, then descend to 805m and then ascend again to 1,580m (the long one), and to 1,410m (the shorter one). The shorter route then descends to the starting point while the longer one passes through the old refuge of Parnonas, ascends a little more and reaches its ending point. The beautiful landscapes you meet along the routes are covered with dense pine or fir forest and the view from certain locations is really amazing!